Systems and Networking

Network Design and Setup

If you are setting up a new office network, building a new network, or just want to make your current network run better, we can help.

Your network is the backbone of your business – from the cables that connect your server to your computers, to your telephone system, to your router and firewalls; all this plays a role in how effective and efficient your network can be.

A poorly designed network can cost your business in many ways. Loss of productivity caused by network problems can be a financial drain. Many core business applications depend on an internet connection for proper functionality.

We can take the difficulty out of setting up a proper network. Finding the correct hardware, coordinating with service providers, and performing installations with minimal downtime – we do it all.

You'd be surprised at the difference a well-designed network can make. Contact us, and let us alleviate your frustration with network issues.

Server Deployment and Maintenance

Businesses need to ensure that all of their computer systems are working correctly - and most businesses know that it's best to rely on experts in the field. We'll advise on hardware, as well as the deployment and maintenance of your server. This way, business owners can focus on the big picture rather than worrying about their internal systems and IT infrastructure.

Our technicians work in a variety of different environments and industries. Need help with a software upgrade? Need assistance in being compliant with industry standards? There's a good chance we have applicable first-hand experience.

Outsourcing your IT needs is like having your own IT department, but at the fraction of the cost of finding, interviewing, and hiring internal employees. No one person will have the knowledge and experience that our company can provide.


Increasingly, companies have been outsourcing many functions to reduce labor costs. Information technology (IT) outsourcing has allowed companies to quickly implement new technology and access talent for specialized areas such as disaster recovery, data storage and backup and application development.

One of the most compelling reasons to outsource is the realization your company is using experts who design, implement and troubleshoot corporate solutions every day. As a result, the quality of the work is higher, reducing system problems and downtime.

It would be difficult to find and hire an employee skilled at all of these varied functions. When IT is outsourced, the burden on HR is reduced. The business has lower recruiting costs, payroll costs and there are no benefits payments to consider. Outsourcing places the burden of taxes and benefits on the contractor doing the IT work.

Outsourcing enables company executives to remain focused on their businesses with the assurance that their core IT operations are being managed efficiently.


In VMware’s own words, virtualization is the process of creating a software-based (or virtual) representation of something rather than a physical one. Virtualization can apply to applications, servers, storage, and networks and is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility for all size businesses.

Modern server hardware is much faster than the servers of a decade ago. Virtualization is a technology that allows you to make the most of your hardware investment, and also make your servers more reliable at the same time.

Virtualization allows you to run multiple servers like you would run applications on your desktop. It also has allowed the processing of a virtual server to be moved around to different physical servers. This allows for less downtime in the case of a hardware failure.

Our technicians specialize in all the modern virtualization technologies such as VMware's vSphere and Microsoft's Hyper-V. We can evaluate your use case and come up with a solution made to fit your specific need.

Secure Remote Access (VPN)

Ever need to connect back to the office from home? Are you out of town for a business conference and need to securely access your information? Do you have employees that work from home?

Setting up a VPN may be exactly what you need. A VPN - Virtual Private Network - allows users to securely connect to the work environment remotely. This could be from a PC, laptop, tablet or phone from just about anywhere. With VPN technology, you can be at work without actually being at work.

Himebaugh Consulting can evaluate your needs to find out what remote access solution would best fit your specific scenario and deploy this solution on your network.

Network Monitoring

A critical part of having a computer network is having it be available when you need it. This is where network monitoring comes into play. Our network monitoring services help to identify issues before they become a problem, which in turn allows our technicians to know exactly what is happening on your network and take steps to prevent a larger issue or downtime.

By having this keen insight to what is happening on your network, our technicians can quickly resolve any issues that may come up.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Often, it is not until a computer failure, disaster or inadvertent mistake that the impact of losing data is realized. Businesses can be deeply impacted or even shut down by a loss of computer systems and/or data. The need to be able to quickly recover and continue business with as little impact as possible is critical.

Backups protect you from more than just disasters. Accidents happen. Users accidently delete or misplace files, e-mails, and critical company data. Backups help you get this data back.

Himebaugh Consulting understands the critical nature of backups. We can evaluate your situation, and implement a solution that will protect your vital business data along with creating a plan of action in case of a disaster.

IP Phone Systems

Even with all of the methods of communication today, sometimes you still need to pick up a phone and contact your customers. Himebaugh Consulting understands this, and has IP phone system solutions for a modern world. We have solutions for a traditional office setup, remote office solutions, and can build a custom solution for your needs.

Have a specific phone system integration need or phone system automation need? We can help with that as well.

We specialize in Asterisk/FreePBX phone systems featuring numerous handset solutions, including the use of the popular Sangoma IP Phones.