Application Development

Website Development

Whether it's a single page microsite or a enterprise level site that runs your business, Himebaugh Consulting can do it all. We build our websites to current standards and make sure everything looks great whether you're on a desktop with a large monitor or a mobile device with a small screen.

Don't be fooled by commercials for 'free' or 'do-it-yourself' websites. They are either going to be full of ads, or absolutely look like you did it yourself. Your business is too valuable to have a less-than-professional website. Look around at your competitors. We'll make you look better than they do online. Otherwise, what's the point?

Custom Application Development

In addition to website development, we provide customized solutions that are designed to fit your business needs. A 100% custom solution means every feature is crafted with your business in mind. No more working around limitations in canned, off-the-shelf software packages. No more required annual costs for maintenance or licensing. Just software that keeps your business running like a well-oiled machine.

Although we can create intricate and complex code to solve your software issues, the part that you see will be easy to use and understand. That's one of the great things about custom development – it can look however you want it to look, tailored to the comfort level and skills of the people who will be using it every day.

A Case Study: Sheckler Excavating

A company responsible for keeping hundreds of well drilling pads accessible and clear of snow and ice needed a better way of being the "middleman" between the oil companies and the plow drivers.

After hearing the challenges in trying to schedule and coordinate hundreds of requests at hundreds of locations – a plan was devised.